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Cooking For The Fit Food Lover

  • More than 270 full-color pages in a softcover cookbook
  • Over 100 recipes of main meals, sides, shakes and snacks
  • Beautiful color photos of each recipe so you know how to plate and present each meal for maximum appeal

Cookbook Includes

  • Full nutrition data for each recipe, calories, grams for protein fat, and carbs
  • Large and small serving sizes for men and women
  • Post-workout and Anytime meal classifications based on nutrient timings
  • Meal plan templates non-exercise day, morning workout, afternoon workout and evening workout.
  • Cooking strategies and tips when you care about your body
  • Tools and equipment list from what knives to buy to how to choose the right frying pan
  • Grocery list so you can everything you need to prepare that great meal
  • Food preparation instructions for how to prepare and store major ingredients

Companion Cookbook For Rocking 50 Plus Weight Loss Masterclass

Your personalized nutrition and exercise masterclass to accelerate your weight loss and body transformation. Use this cookbook along side your daily lessons on nutrition and your daily workout routines.

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