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Burn Fat While You Sleep!


One container 14,62 ounces (420 g)

SlimPM is an L-Arginine-based product that includes powerful antioxidants for free radical scavenging, enhanced repair, and health integrity of endothelial cells that may be clogged with unwanted contaminates. L-Arginine naturally contains some capability to burn fat through the stimulation of the hypothalamus gland.

Additional components, such as Niacin, were added to help remove plaque from the arterial walls and Branched Chain Amino Acids, too, for faster recovery and better muscle toning for those who exercise regularly. But that’s not all. We decided to add components that would assist in fat burning while you sleep. Now that is a breakthrough because most fat-burning products increase metabolic rate, and that’s not good if you’re trying to sleep! To burn fat and sustain it requires your body to be in the right state for fat burning.

SlimPM also has the ability to assist in balancing out the Leptin levels in your body. We added Rhodiola Roseo to the already powerful formulation to turbocharge the regulation of leptin levels.

Combining all these components makes SlimPM what it is – the FIRST COMPLETE FAT BURNING L-ARGININE FORMULATION IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. Burn Fat.

Cleanse your Arteries. Enable Better Blood Flow. Increase Endothelial Cell Integrity.

Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this supplement. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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