Do you need health coaching?

There is more information today than ever before on the internet, TV, in book stores and the neighborhood grocery about the benefits of diet and exercise. Yet, as a nation, we are more overweight than ever before.  It’s tough making decisions when so many do it yourself programs have failed and yo-yo dieting has become the norm.  Health coaching can help you get through the noise and achieve your health and wellness goals.

One size does not fit all

The truth is there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach that works for everyone, and figuring out the best diet and lifestyle for YOU isn’t easy.  Think about successful athletes and business people.  They have coaches.  Oprah Winfrey has a coach, Jillian Michaels has a coach, Michael Jordan had several coaches.

There are many factors that go into finding the right balance for YOU, like your body type, current lifestyle, personal choices, and work life balance.  Making sense of it in a way that fits your unique lifestyle requires coaching from someone knowledgeable and supportive. That’s where health coaching fits in.

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

Bill McCartney

14 reasons you would benefit from health coaching

  1. You want to eat and feel better.  You know how and what to do, but for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to do it.
  2. Been on too many diets without results.  Two, maybe three diets in the past 12 months and nothing has changed. Still overweight, tired, and your stomach is bloated.  You are back to eating unhealthy.
  3. Think there is something wrong with you, but for some reason, you can’t do all the things you want, and be perfect in every way.
  4. Tricked yourself into thinking that your health doesn’t matter.  Deep down you know that is a lie.
  5. Feels like everyone else has it all together and have all the success doing healthy things.  But not you.
  6. Haven’t planned a meal in weeks.  So busy with your business, your career, or your kids, that you eat whatever is most convenient at the time.
  7. Know you should be exercising but, the thought of hitting the gym after work makes you cringe. Who has time for the gym?
  8. Ok, so you did start exercising, 60 minutes a day, 4 time a week and something happened. You couldn’t stick with it.
  9. Made a new years resolution to lose weight, and you are still working on it – without any result.
  10. Taking care of yourself makes you feel like you are being lazy and selfish.
  11. Exhausted at the end of the day and you have little time for idle chit chat when someone calls or texts you.
  12. Would be happier if you could lose just a little bit of weight and get more energy.
  13. Done a lot of research already and you just need a little bit of guidance to make it work for you.
  14. Feel there is a better way to do everything you want to do in life, with more ease and less effort. You want that.

Get ready for health coaching

Did any of these reasons resonate with you?  If so, then you are ready for coaching.  A health coach can provide you with customized information and plans that are relevant to you and your individual challenges or goals, and most importantly give you the opportunity to ask questions and speak freely in a supportive environment.

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