A detox is often associated with addiction to drugs or alcohol and the need to “detox” to get clean.  But, detoxing is not just for the addict.

A good detox is essential to overall good health and well-being for everyone.

Detoxification (detox for short) is the physical or homeopathic removal of toxic substances from the body.  Toxins pass through the liver.

According to the medical dictionary, detoxification is a widely used treatment in alternative medicine.

The build up of toxins in the body cause illness.  Removing these toxins and avoiding new ones are an essential part of the healing process.

Toxins everywhere

Toxins come from chemical fumes, road construction and smoke that enters your car when your windows are down.

Second-hand cigarette smoke that comes from a stranger nearby.  Fumes from common everyday products, like paint products, highlighter pens, sprays, and unknown substances that burn while cooking.

Manufacturing companies release fumes and we breathe other random fumes on a daily basis without realizing it.

We consume toxins come processed foods, water, preservatives, and agricultural pesticides.  We are exposed to parasites and worms from pets, walking barefoot, improper food preparation and cooking.

We make bad food choices and over use medication.

All of these things have a negative impact on our body.

So what is detox?  A total body detox is a sure-fire way to cleanse the body of impurities and substances.  This is where you detox your colon, kidneys, lungs, digestive system, and respiratory system – the full body.

What is detox positive effects

Creating a healthier body, so that your body can absorb nutrients more effectively is a positive result of detoxing.  Improving your mood, digestion and creating healthy bowel movements to relieve constipation and bloating is another benefit.

The average person has 25 pounds of undigested food, mucus, bacteria and dead cells in the colon, just waiting to be released.  These 25 pounds come from high-fat diets, artificially flavored foods, artificially colored foods, and foods loaded with preservatives.

The positive benefits of detoxing include improved energy, reduced cravings for sweets, ridding the body of bad odors, reduced inflammation in the body, and eliminating parasites that can live for months inside the body.

A clear mind and improved focus. Once our physical bodies become detoxified then our mind becomes clear and we can think and engage in mental activity better than we could before.

Another benefit of a detoxification process is that our organs will be cleaner. Not many people consider that our colon, kidneys, liver, and other organs do rigorous work day in and day out, so we can live.  A periodic detox can make all of our organs cleaner so they can function properly.

Detox methods

There are several types of detox methods, from juices and teas, to pills and pharmaceuticals.  The key is finding a natural process that is easy to prepare and includes a plan to improve your eating habits.

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